Friday, November 29, 2013

Its Begining to look like Pink Christmas!

My house is back in order somewhat......I am alittle sad family gone home. Very thankful for them all!!! Here is a little pink from my dining room...hoping it will warm your heart!

Have a BLESSED week-end...As always thanks to Beverly for hosting our Pink Saturdays!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Have'nt seen you in 9 years.....Surprise!!!!!!!!!

A surprise visit from my oldest son......I have not seen him in 9 years..WOW....he lives in Cali......and he just walked in last Saturday..he works for the police department in Cali. and they sent him here to train the officers in hand to hand combat. It was a wonderful surprise....these are all my children minus a daughter that lives in Okla. and a son that lives in heaven...the rest live in the same town...two of them still at home....15 and 18....I am thankful for my babies!

They are all beautiful .....if do say so myself ! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!