Friday, October 25, 2013

Rejoicing in the good....

Good day........I spent most of my afternoon on Tuesday making these sweet Christmas for myself and one for each my daughters that live here in town...this past week has been spent with melancholy thoughts...thoughts of how the days speed by..of the many failures in my life and trying to not let them choke out the good wonderful times..not of the past by of the today's...realizing the blessing of my children..all but one of my children attend the same church I do,the ones that live here anyway..Sunday...I had a hard time keeping my eyes off my baby girl beside me...Sarah in front of me with her three...all Amy marches in with her four and her husband ....they are all crawling up down in my lap..singing...praising...A woman in our church sang a special....some of the words are..There's a believer in the house little two years old grandson puts his hand to his mouth like he is holding a microphone and sings out..."There's a beaver in the house today" we could hardly stop laughing...I am so glad they are there with me! 

Once again we come to the end ...thanking Beverly for hosting our pink days!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Already dreaming of Christmas.....

My daughter went to Colorado this past week-end...and she brought me this pretty little Christmas house. She found it at Burlington Coat is so sweet and now I'm in the mood to decorate for Christmas...I wonder how many of you decorate early ? We had our first snow is all melted now but it certainly was lovely! Have a great week-end! A big pink thank you to Beverly for hosting us...Saturday after Saturday!