Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Story

I haven't been posting for awhile...I always think I don't have time but then after a while I miss visiting all your lovely blogs ...funny how you become familiar with certain blogs..and the writers become your friends even if you do not talk or see each want to check things out and see what everyone is up to...this sweet book was a Christmas present from one of my daughters...beautiful in pink! Have a blessed week-end!

Grand kids and Kids


Ann said...

Your book looks like a very special Christmas gift, I LOVE thoughtful gifts like this and it will last forever.

kay Ellen said...

Very sweet Scrap book :))

Happy PS!!
Thank you for charming visit!

Kay Ellen

Shelley said...

What a special gift! Enjoyed visiting your blog. Thank you for taking time to visit and leave a comment at Shell's Vintage Charm.

Connie said...

Well, that's a very sweet, thoughtful, kind gift from your child, sugar. You should definitely be proud of it.


Grace said...

What a beautiful thoughtful book. You deserve all the love that was put into that book. You are such a dear person. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and being so sweet. I adore all my friends but my Pink Saturday friends are so the best! Grace xoox

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

That was a present with a lot of thought and love put into it ... the best kind to get !
I've missed a few weeks myself here and there and then can't wait to catch up.


I'm going around visiting everyone on today's PINK SATURDAY list.....with my hot cup of coffee, of course! Just wanted to let you know that I was here! Have yourself a great weekend, and stop by my place if you've the time!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

The French Hutch said...

Precious gift. Like you, can't stay away from the blog for very long.
Have a great weekend.

the French Hutch

Gabriela Delworth said...


Family books are always special and make great gifts!


Daniella said...

What an amazing gift!! You have a beautiful family!!

Tami Kenner said...

Hi Kandy..enjoyed my visit today! What a lovely book.
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Your book is a lovely gift. Thx for sharing