Friday, October 21, 2011

Store Name!?!

Hello...Out there! It has been one of the longest weeks! My daughter and I went to Hobby Lobby today to stock up on some craft I am tired..we have to drive an hour and fifteen minutes..then shop! We are going to expand our on-line store...change the name.... get a web site ...and then! I was thinking maybe we could get a little in put into what we should call our is currently ..."The Kandy Store"...some names we have been thinking about are....The Pink Wagon....Pink Brick Road....Pink Sugar Castle....any of these sound like some place you would want to shop?

These are just a few of the things we will be selling

Thank you for any comments helping us chose a name...have a great week-end.....and enjoy all the blogs who have taken time to post pretty PINKS...I am linking to "How Sweet the Sound"
Thank you Beverly!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy...Happy Birthday!

Today, I wanted to remember my Aunt Patty.....she was my friend second inspiration ...she was FUNNY..creative...she taught me how to crochet and craft..we did the months before she passed she was trying to teach me to oil paint..which I never could catch on to...she loved her nieces and nephews...she would tell each one of us we were her favorite....she loved the Lord...she was just a fun person to be around... she loved to tell stories...she insisted that we were related to the Moniques...from Romeo and Juliet.... I sure do miss her .... the 14 th is her birthday.
My Mother on the left...Aunt Patty on the right...they had been swimming all afternoon.. they are probably making a salad together in heaven...
Patricia Joyce Hall...9 years old....would you ever see a nine year old dressed like this today..she was visiting my Mom in Virgina on the Navy base....I was born the year she turned 9
Sudy...Patty (the baby), my Mom(Nada) holding her...Bobby looking on........SISTERS

Aunt Patty gave me these, they were in her room..when I was about nine I remember thinking how cool these were and wishing I could have them....Well,gotta go for now...have a great week-end...thank God for the ones you love..and love them while they are still here. I am linking with Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound " for Pink Saturday...

Oh, and also this morning someone tried to snatch a jr. high girl from around the middle school..they told her to get in the car but she ran and screamed ..made it to the school...they shut everything down and blocked off the roads but the people could not be found....we live in a small town...people around here let their kids walk and ride bikes everywhere...even small town America is not safe...thanking God that she is ok! Just a reminder to watch our kidos...

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hi..Everyone...Elizabeth got her first donation for her Christmas Pillowcase Project..It is from Marilou over at

She has made one young lady very happy..Thanks to Beverly for hosting our Pink Saturdays try to visit as many ladies as you can...and thanks for all the response to Elizabeth!