Monday, August 29, 2011

Time for a change... friends has been awhile since I posted. It has been crazy around here so there was just no time...but my blog kept calling my name...
When I first started to blog I wanted to use my blog as a means of getting my name out there and selling a few of the things I make...someone told me that I needed two blogs to for personal... it had become to hard to keep up with both of them. I have grown weary of being crafty on one and spiritual on the other....

My Real Life  
is both
I love PINK and to sew....but then when I hold paper in my hands,my head spins with ideas...I am craving the "OLD DAYS"...I want to bake...clean...I want to create....I want to pray....I want to take go to buy shoes and eat m&m's drink diet a movie with my kids....pray over them.....make Christmas presents.....decorate for fall.....cry over my basement being flooded and torn apart....home school my last two babies {13 and 15} ....which is going wonderfully considering the mess we are in...I want to see my Dad......I want to write letters....I want to help everyone I can....feed the Gods love and mercy to those who hurt me....make new the a good "Amish" novel....I want to be real! 
that is what I am going to attempt to do.... God bless you till we meet again for "Pink Saturday"...


Linda Stubbs said...

Enjoyed your post........welcome back! Pray some of your wishes will come true!

Blessings, Linda
Prairie Flower Farm

Love your new name.

Jenny's Heart said...

I can relate! I hope you do all those things and as long as we do what we can do for the Glory of the Lord we will do just fine.
Happy Pink Saturday on a Sunday :)
Oh and I love all your photos and lovely ladies too ")