Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a PINK CHRISTMAS......

Man...I have have so much trouble uploading and getting this post off.....I wanted to share with you this sweet little "PINK CHRISTMAS HOUSE" that I was so much fun and does'nt it look good enough to take a bite of!!!!

I am already feeling the stress of everything that comes with the holidays...I am trying to stop ...take a deep breath and remember what is important....we can not have these days enjoy each day with ALL that comes....and be thankful.....remember to visit 'How Sweet the Sound' our hostess to pink Saturdays.... God Bless You

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Corsets and Shoes....

OK...I know y'all are gonna say..."Christmas already" ? But I have a lot of stuff going on this year ; so early decorating is in order....I helped both of my daughters with their house's this week and mine is a work in feet and legs are hurting....yesterday we went to Dodge City, hour and a half drive from my the nearest Hobby Lobby....did a little Christmas shopping...found the prettiest paper....and these cute ornaments....I thought I could use them in the bathroom after the holidays...

Lots of tiny details...and pink!

Thanks so much for stopping by.....visit "How Sweet the Sound "....thank her for hosting..."Pink Saturday" ! Have a blessed week...end!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grandmas Pink Sofa

These are my Grandmothers , they have both gone to be with the Lord.The little short one is "Lewrilla Morgan"...she never wore make-up...she never drove a car....she never went to the movies....she hardly ever, that I am older I realize she was probably going through menopause ...bless her little heart! She had this wonderful baby pink Naugahyde sectional sofa.... I remember sitting on it just rubbing my hand back and forth; thinking it was so beautiful...and when more than one person would sit on it it would slide apart because she had hard wood floors.hahaha what fun !...and the curtains were gray and pink with crazy shapes...I use to think when I grow up I want a sofa just the same! Well, I never got the pink sofa but I did inherit a love for PINK....
The other lovely lady is" Bonnie Ruth Wolf"....she was'nt so crazy about pink...but she always wore make-up....she drove till she was in her 8o's....Grandma,"Turn left" and her blinker would go left and her car would go right...and I think she loved the movies....notice her big it! She would always give me her old purses...and give me..."business" to put in it...old compacts ,old lipstick containers ,Kleenex , paper and pen, and of course MONEY...then I was all set. She would call me not long before she passed and talk to me about heaven....she was alittle afraid ...but by the time our talk was over she would feel better...
Sure do miss these Grandmothers !
Thanks to Beverly for hosting our Pink Saturday....I pray that your week will be filled with peace !
God Bless You

Friday, November 5, 2010

Old Pink

I had to search to find pink has been a busy week so I just looked back finding some of my old pictures...I made these little bibs and booties awhile back....

Some of my queen stuff....that I found at Hobby Lobby...I love that place...cannot go in there without $$$$$ I don't go often!

cozy up ...drink some spiced tea and go visit some pink ladies today.
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