Friday, October 29, 2010

~~~~~~~~~~~~Autumn Blessings~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Morning Everyone!
I am having trouble getting in the Fall.....Thanksgiving mood..
I always want to jump to Christmas....but I have put out a few autumn
things..and we are having a Family Hayride tomorrow...if everyone will stop
being sick! I am hoping to get to more blogs this week-end...
how about you? If it would just go ahead and get cold ;we could cuddle up with a
warm blanket and a hot cup of tea! Enjoy your week-end and think about how
blessed we are to be alive.....A great big hug and thank you goes out to Beverly......


Gossamer Creations said...

A hayride sounds fun.Hope you enjoy and stay well.

gena said...

I've never visited before, but I'll be back ! LOVE Mary Englebreit and all her fun artwork!

Have a Booo-tiful Pink Saturday !


Donnie said...

Loved your Pink Halloween Saturday post. Everything was so cute. Hope all made it to your Hayride.

Anonymous said...

this is renee again and i just wanted to say that i had some of that hot coco that you made us a long time ago and it was really good i love you kk see you soon o i got elija a green blanket with a monkey on it lol it was soo cute and i just had to get it out

Olivia said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Rebecca said...

I'm starting to think about Thanksgiving decorations too!