Friday, June 25, 2010

Blah...Blah...Blah !!!

      Good Morning...or afternoon..or evening.....seems like it takes me days to get through my Pink Saturday visits..if I get through them at all..I love seeing what each one is doing ...I have trouble thinking of what do different each any of you? Sometimes I think it gets pretty boring around here...and sometimes I think that if I blogged about my life as it comes everyday...not just the sweet stuff but the REAL stuff...I would be one busy blogger...probably have a lot more traffic, no one would believe it was real...but then other times I think just blogging about STUFF is what people want to see...Oh..well..don't know why I went down that road.....
The little shopping bag was a our local market....and I thought it was SO cute....I have been using it for a bag to put my bible and notebooks in...
Last week I used my daughters Cricut to make this vinyl  crown for my computer...then I embellished it with paper and stickers and rhinestones...when I am tired of it I can just peel it off...pretty cute ..huh?!
Well, I 'm off to bed...have a great weekend....
God Bless.....


Vintage French Hen said...

Seems like everyone has a cricut but me! They sure are cool, I want one too! Happy Pink, love the crown...Marcia

Nancy said...

I sure do have a challenge coming up with pink...there is hardly any in the house! Happy Pink Saturday!

The Happy Homemaker said...

Yes! I do sometimes strain my poor brain trying to think of pink posts.My biggest problem, though, is that I need a better camera!
I am in LOVE with that bag!!!

sissie said...

Happy Pink Saturday Kandy!

I love your post today, so happy and sweet.


~~Carol~~ said...

I'm so jealous. You have a pink computer! I love the little decoration you made for it, and you've inspired me to make something for mine too. After all, the computer IS mine! That shopping bag is so great. What fun to carry that around and fill it up with goodies!
It's my very first Pink Saturday....It's so nice to meet you!
Old Glory Cottage

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a sweet crown! Love it! Wish I could put one on my laptop but it belongs to the school district. Like the bag too. You've got a cute little blog here and I just signed on as a follower.

That shabby Pink Girl said...

I am so envious of the pink Computer. and I love your bling you made for it. I do have a cricut, so maybe I'll just start making pink things to stick all my Blue laptop. ;-)

Have a great day
marian elizabeth

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Kandy and Happy PiNk!

I'm loving that bag!

I guess I'm blessed with loving the color of pink and also having a huge collection of vintage stuff to look through for inspiration for posting....but even then there are days that I post about other bloggers and what they are doing or show what they have made..that's always a lot of fun.

I guess we make blogging all about what "makes our own heart's sing" and then visit, visit, visit others with common interests.

Have a lovely day and do pop in if you are out and about visiting in blogland.

Stephanie ♥

Gracie Jewellery said...

A pink laptop! How cool! Happy Pink Saturday!

Maggie said...

Oh cute computer, embellishment, and an adorable bag! I have one of those, too, and it's perfect for my lunch!

Happy PS!
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Leann said...

Hi Kandy

Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comment. I love the graphic!!!

Happy PS a day late or perhaps a day early:)