Friday, January 29, 2010

Old....made new....

...morning ladies...
I wanted to share with you a project in the making...I had this large frame that had a mirror in it and it got it sat in the closet for a few years..then I had this idea to use it as a "large scrapbook page"...I had so many pictures of my grandkids hanging in the hall and it was looking cluttered so I thinned them out and started plan is to add as they grow...of course I used all different shades of pink in my background.

I know pictures of kids get boring...but I wanted to show different angles ..

Hope you enjoyed my little project.....
have a blessed week and give someone a hug OOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Don't forget to pray for those less fortunate ...and those who are hurting..
those who are lonesome...those who are sad.
God bless!!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pink Monkeys

I didn't have to look far for my Pink today....too little monkeys dressed in pink sitting on the arm of my chair......

What could be better???

Have a blessed week....act a little silly...go visit some PINK sisters !!!!
Thanks to Beverly for all her hard work pulling us all together.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretty Pinks from Patti's Package!!!!

A package from my good,long time,faithful,talented,beautiful, sweet,friend arrived this afternoon..every package from her is an exciting adventure to open I will let the pictures speak for themselves....everything is not totally Pink but there is a lot...
I pray that everyone's New Year is starting out good...have a warm cozy week-end..and be blessed !!!!

She made these these....

My Birthday..

Today I was the Birthday Queen...I received a letter from my nephew
My girls made it a very nice day..they had dinner and a "Sock it to me" cake ready for me
I got lots of Bath and Body works...a gift certificate....a yummy candle...A nice camera...that I have yet to figure out...lots of good comments on Facebook..text messages..and phones first phone call was from my most wonderful friend and kindred you! And she has another one of her fabulous packages headed my way..Oh! I can't of that treat will be posted as soon as I get it..

Have a great day !!

Friday, January 1, 2010


I put all my pretty pink stuff together it made a nice grouping....remember the girlfriend ornament..I thought it looked cute in the frame...that matches the lamp. I had the dress form and the "K" is new.

Beverly said we could share about something we want to accomplish in the new year...thinking about it.... my heart is so wanting to be a better mom and friend take care of the people I love better than I have do things that I know will make them go the extra pray more...
I pray that the New Year will be a year full of new beginnings and blessings so we can share those blessings with others...