Friday, October 9, 2009


Morning All.....
My Gabby girl is my pink for today....she is holding my new wallet that has pink on was tucked into this new purse that showed up in the mail this nephew that lives far away from me said he saw it and remembered that I like Betty was such a nice surprise!
I just had to throw this last picture in...we went to a "Jars of Clay"concert in Dodge City, Kansas last Sunday evening..we had V.I.P. tickets so we got to meet the bands...I took 70 some odd pictures...hehehe....but I will only share this one of the kids with Jars of Clay..
Ya'll have a great week end...and God Bless!

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peppermint said...

How fun for you and your kids. I bet it will be a memory they will never forget! Love your Betty Boob wallet and bag. What a nice nephew!
Hugs and glitter