Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink and Green????

Well, I can not believe it is Saturday all ready...this has been one of those crazy awful know the kind where you want to eat and cry????!! Nothing seems right or place feels safe...I have worked my way through....cried my way through....moved my furniture through.....ate my way through...prayed my way tonight I sit here thinking how trivial my problems are in the scope of things..I have been praying for others who are facing some really horrible sickness and even I ask God to give peace that is unexplainable to the many who are struggling tonight....and I am thankful for my green faced babies.... and pink cinnamon rolls !!!!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I want one!!!!

Come on Ladies lets take a little trip to all our PINK Friends can stop by" Sarah Bella's " on your way and show her some know it makes us feel loved when we get those comments!

This is how I felt all son was sick and had to go the Dr....and my days just didn't go the way I planned the middle of the week I just stopped and said.."Thats it I'm stopping and going down stairs to daughter has wanted a robe for a year now and I never get to the world did not stop because I did not clean all day..and Bethy has her robe and our little doggie too!
Fresh out of the shower ...holding Rosie

Rosie does not look to happy but she was cute in her matching robe....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Finding Pink!!!!

......Calling all Pink Ladies......

As you are visiting all your Pink friends this week end take a look at

Her blog is sweet and cheery...filled with lots of beautiful and creative things she has made and she just makes you want to cozy up in chair and sip your tea and stay awhile..
My pink this weekend is scattered all over my back yard...We had a baptism in our pool a few Sundays I thought I would share it with you...
Pinks on the porch
Pinks in Grandmas quilt
See that apple tree behind the chairs and bench?
We bought it on sale in the was a little oldest son even mowed it down a few is a beautiful favorite thing in the yard..I always think of Kris cutting down that tree when I am sitting on the porch...I miss him! 16 years later.... he lives in Calif. and hardly ever calls...never thought he would be so far away.
Watching him mow down that tree..seemed he would always be in my back yard.
My pink bike
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fresh Eggs

Morning Pink Ladies......
I have been blessed with these lovely eggs fresh from my granddaughters ...Renee and Hannah.who are visiting with their oldest daughter. They live in Texas...we have a wedding to attend a nearby we have a busy week end ahead. I found theses tea towels at alocal discount store and embroidered on Praise!

Here is a journal I did this has touches of pink in it...

I hope everyone as wonderful week end...full of joy and peace!