Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Things

Hi! once again it is...time to search out those lovely Pink blogs....I wanted to show you this little chalk board that I re was part of an easel that belonged to my children and have out grown it I took it apart and mounted it on the front of the house....I saw these wonderful chalk ink markers on Sugar Pie FarmHouse.I purchased a small set from Amazon and they work so good...this has lasted through several rain storms! I have another large old chalk board I want to redo for the school room...maybe next week.

These Precious Moment statues are made of hard plastic and they are made for the yard....they are so sweet.

I never thought this daisy was going to grow...but even since I took this last picture there are three more flowers....we are alot like this flower..small and insignificant...maybe even a little draw into ourselves..then with some love and lots of water and Sonlight we will lately I feel like alot of things have tried to stop my blooming but I know that God is ever faithful and He will help me grow.
Thank you for stopping by today..... enjoy your day !


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Pink Kandy, Honey I just love that little chalkboard that is a precious idea. I have mine hung up on my utility room door, and the kids and I leave messages back and forth to each other. They are grown and gone from home, but when they stop by and we aren't here they leave a message, and when they grandkids come by the love to leave a message. It has turned into a family thing. The precious moments are so cute. I have never seen any like that for outside. Also loved the comparison of the little flower. Beautiful post. Please stop by and say hi. Country Hugs, Sherry

Melly said...

How fabulous is your chalk board, I love that you re purposed it, you're a very creative lady. Your sweet moments statues are just adorable, thanks so much for sharing your post and for such a great idea!!

Have a super weekend :)

Sarah Bella's said...

Hey Mama, You will grow. God loves you & He WILL bring you through! I love you too. Happy Pink Saturday, Love Sarah

Bea said...

happy PS!! :)

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Lovely chalk board!

~ Gabriela ~

Tami said...

Great use of an old chalk board for sure!
Lovely blog
Have a perfect pink day!
xo Tami

g said...

I like the touch of a chalkboard - it's so nice to be able to leave spontaneous messages!

What a lovely garden you have.

Have a wonderful weekend and a great Pink Saturday.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Another rainy and cloudy and dark weekend. I fear that summer is not coming to northern Michigan this year...sigh.

With that in mind, Pink Saturday is a day that cheers me up and allows me to share a wider world than my gloomy portion.

♥Thank you so much for participating this week because it made my day just a little brighter♥

Claudia said...

Having the chalkboard on the front of your house is such a great idea! Happy Pink Saturday!

someplace in thyme said...

Hi Kandy, it's amazing to me what the lord can do. Your little flower is trying so hard to bring you beauty and there it is. And it is lovely, I also like your chalkboard, a great welcome at the front door is awesome. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Kdottie Designs said...

I love Precious Moments! Your chalkboard idea is wonderful! Happy PS!

Libby said...

Stopping by from SPFH! That chalkboard is just adorable! I'm going to copy that idea with the bow ontop :) Such a cute idea :)

peppermint said...

Great chalkboard idea for the front door! Pretty cool for someone to leave you a message if you're not home. Have a good week.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Kandy! Love the chalkboard and love the Precious Moments statues for outdoors! I have never seen ones for outdoors! ADORABLE!!.. As for "blooming", I believe I've had my share of road blocks,monkey wrenches, and a number of "he and she who shall not be named" types in my life, but I keep the faith and move forward the best I can. I like how you mentioned "Sonlight"! Whether we see Him or not, He's always there for us, and always will be!.. Happy Pink Saturday and hope you have a wonderful week! ~tina