Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking through rose colored curtains...

I took all my heavy burgandy and deep rose colors out of this basket and lightened things up with these pretty pink flowers and I put a string of pink lights in with them...they look so nice in the evening.
Sarah( from Sarah Bellas)( she is my third child) and I went shopping this afternoon I have had my eye on this one is huge and PINK so she put it her cart and said I'm getting this for you....she is a sweetie..Thank you ,Sarah. This handsome guy is my # 6 child...Joseph..he posed for the picture then said..."Don't put it up"...SSSHHH dont tell him.
I did alittle cleaning this last week and washed curtains and took some from the bed room and put them in the living room...but I really wanted PINK sheers but was short on cash...ssssooo...I washed my off white lace sheers with red curtains in HOT water and this is the lovely shade of PINK I got...

Put out a few Easter things when I cleaned...the big bunny belongs to Elizabeth my youngest.

I decorated this little house with paint and glitter and then added all the pretty embellishments.. I was going to sell it in my Lollishop but it just looked so cute sitting here.
I know this is a longer post than usual but did'nt know what to not put up.....I have a friend who is new to blogging her blog is Patticakes...she is suppose to be participating in Pink Saturday so stop by her blog and maked her feel welcome...Thank you...Beverly for hosting us !

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines ! ! !

This is from my friend ...who shares my name...we are both Kandys....we go to church together...we both have grown children and grandchildren..and we both have two more kidos at home....her son is the same age as my son.....we were friends years ago when our first family was young.....and now we are sharing our second families. Thank you ,Kandy for all my pink fun stuff I love it all...and the kids loved the chocolate.
Happy Valentines Day to all my PINK FRIENDS.!.!.!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Up to my Ears.......

Morning Pink Ladies.....
I didn't get my email to Beverly in time last Saturday but I thought I did; so I made a PINK POST but no one knew so if you have a few minutes scroll down to see last weeks post....

I have been busy making Valentines and these cute clip boards to put in my good friend Patti had made me one a long time ago and was just so I thought I would copy her and they sure are fun to I got this "scathingly brilliant idea" (anybody remember Trouble with Angels with Halie Mills in it?) well, anyway I decided to make these clipboards as gifts for the guest speakers at our Ladies Retreat in two weeks...then I thought.... well, I should make them for the women involved in the music and on and on it went till now I have about 12 to make!!!!! So I am up to my ears in paper!
Everyone have a wonderful weekend...and God Bless you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Last week I started this baby blanket took me one afternoon.. the little boys name is Cash...the fabric has vintage circus posters on it...I thought it was really turned out cute.