Friday, January 30, 2009

Children a blessing from God...and so is PINK !

I know what you are thinking....this is not pink....Elizabeth just had to have her picture on here and since she's my sweetie she is....taking hot chocolate chip cookies out of the oven...
And then of course you must taste test to see if they are suitable for others....yum...they pass!
Miss Rosy Belle got a new pink dress today..........
She thinks she looks pretty!
I just had to throw these pictures in....I love... shoes; got them on sale.
To Cute..........
Thanks for stopping by have a blessed Sunday!


Beverly said...

Kandy, I missed you today for Pink Saturday.

This is a fantastic post, and it would have been just perfect.

Deanna said...

Hi Kandy!
Oh my gosh..I have the same shoes! We should wear them and take a picture!

You know, sometimes I visit blogs that haven't missed the deadline and they have nothing on their blogs. I've not noticed since it's only my second time...but doesn't Beverly still add your name to the list anyway? I'll have to find out. I think if you miss the deadline you should still post your Pinks...LOL!

Deanna :D